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Known for being the most famous ecommerce marketplace in the world, Amazon is often used as an example of what an ecommerce store should be like.Besides having the largest customer base in the United States & Europe, Amazon’s domination is pretty evident since it’s known to generate around £145 billion in revenues in 2017. In addition to its popularity and the huge list of vendors/merchants present, it is the top ecommerce marketplace in the world.

Global Marketplace


Walmart is a well-established brand with outlets throughout America. Mostly appealing towards millennials, Walmart now offers more products as well as inviting brands to sell on its platform.The design of the website is quite different in comparison with other online selling sites like Amazon and eBay, which is what makes Walmart an important addition to the list of the top leading ecommerce marketplace platforms online.

US Marketplace


One of the most recognised marketplaces that drawn a lot of attention from customers and small business owners in the early 2000s. 182m users worldwide, growing 5.7% in 2020. Back on the rise; Ebay should be considered in your marketplace strategy. £17bn goods sold in 2020. Lots of small to medium businesses have focused on eBay which is welcoming for customers but not so much for bigger brands looking to make an impact within the community.

Global Marketplace


Just like the United States has Amazon, Cdiscount is what the French have for almost everything they want to buy. From electronics to baby products. There is nothing that you won’t find on Cdiscount. By no means is this a small marketplace because it’s visited by roughly one million users on a daily basis.What is even more impressive is that it offers a variety of product categories and just about two billion Euro annual sales.

French Marketplace


Perhaps the largest Polish ecommerce marketplace platform with more than 15 million customers to its credit, Allegro is the place to go if you want to shop or sell online. It can be said that Allegro is for Polish people, what Amazon is for the US nationals. Allegro offers more than 60 million product sales in a month. There are a variety of products with several brands making their presence felt.

Polish & Central European Marketplace is the biggest online store in the Netherlands for years now and is gaining more and more popularity in Belgium as well. This is partly thanks to the thousands of sellers that have joined the platform that sells about 16 million items. There are no monthly fees or registration costs, but sellers do need to pay a commission for every product they sell through This fee ranges from 5 to 17 percent, depending on the product category.

Dutch Marketplace
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