January 2023

How we drove over £1million+ in Ebay sales for a car accessory retailer


Account and Listing Management Ebay Ads


Ebay + Amazon

Project Overview

A car accessory retailer approached B2C Consulting because they wanted to increase their omni-channel revenue, but didn't know where to start. They asked for our help in creating a strategy that would drive revenue from the get-go and reduce their dependence on the revenue driven through their current e-commerce site. We were tasked with driving brand awareness and sales for their best-sellers and popular products. They decided to work with us in a fully-managed capacity, where we worked with the brand in each of our key services including; E-commerce Strategy, Reporting, Fulfilment & Operations (FFO), Marketing & Content and Catalogue Management.


Our first step was to consult with the company and advise on how to best optimise their existing catalogue and the differences between how customers shop on traditional websites versus e-commerce marketplaces. Marketplace content is required to be straight to the point and informative. Content also needs to accurately reflect the best use cases of the product to help consumers identify that it's a product they want to purchase and provides a solition for their needs. We updated listings with appealing infographics whilst improving SEO for all products. We then worked on adding new brands and products to their range, ensuring all products were retail-ready.

Project Results

Our content and support greatly improved organic search ranking and conversion. Within the first two months we increased their best-selling product to the first page of search results. Within 18 months of working with us we achieved over £1million in sale. Furthermore, our advertising strategy effectively brought in plenty of new to brand customer orders.

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