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How To Export Search Query Performance Dashboard Data?

In 2022, Amazon launched the Search Query Performance Dashboard, a powerful analytics tool that lets brands and advertisers view search terms’ performance and shoppers’ search behaviour. In this blog post, we will pull back the curtain on Amazon’s Search Query Performance Dashboard to guide you on why it’s one of the most powerful Amazon tools yet!

Let’s dive in.

Where to Find Amazon Search Query Performance Dashboard?

To find Amazon’s Search Query Performance Dashboard, go to Brands > Brand Analytics > Search Query Performance. Here it is important to note that Brand Analytics Dashboard and, by extension, Search Query Performance Dashboard are only available to brand-registered sellers. Only the brand’s primary Seller Central account administrator or if you have been granted permission by the main account administrator you can access the Brand Analytics.

The Search Query on Amazon Advertising?

Search queries are the words customers type into the Amazon search bar to find products. You must distinguish between keywords and search queries in your ad account. A keyword is what you bid on in the ad platform; a search query is what the customer types in the search box to find the product they want to purchase.

The search query performance dashboard is essential in helping the sellers to strategise sales funnel at the brand and product level by pin-pointing conversion issues or drop-off points where the brand might be losing buyer’s attention. This data is vital for the brands to make business decisions based on data and to optimise product listings or marketing campaigns if required.

Insights on Search Terms Performance & Benchmarking

The Search Query Performance Dashboard allows you to see the performance of your search terms based on shoppers’ search behaviour, the data includes both organic searches and sponsored ad clicks. The dashboard displays each search query’s data in detail: volume, rank and click rate. The type of information displayed depends on the stage in which they occurred: total searches, total searches by brand, market share and average price. The data provides visibility into your customers' behaviour throughout their shopping journey and highlights your brand's performance compared to your competitors.

Time Frames Available in Search Query Dashboard

The Search Query Performance Dashboard provides users with access to search term performance data from the last 7 months. The Search Query Performance Dashboard is still new, so it's unclear if Amazon will lengthen the data timeframes and if old data will still be available or if they'll purge it when the timeframe expires. You can go back up to 30 weeks or seven months, depending on how you choose to segment your data.

Expand Visibility and Sales for Specific Searches

This Search Query Performance Dashboard allows you to see how your brand appears in searches on average, and how Amazon Customers view the value proposition of your brand. The report also gives you an insight into Brand Share %, which shows how much of the total impressions, clicks, cart ads and purchases your brand is collecting out of the total for that search term. This insight is useful for determining your ability to expand visibility and sales for specific searches, as well as understanding how much market share is being captured by competitors. By comparing your Brand Share % for Impressions vs. Clicks against other brands' CTRs you can determine if they're above or below average for their keywords: Higher Impressions vs. Clicks would indicate an above-average CTR, whereas Lower Impressions vs. Clicks would indicate a below-average CTR.

Four Brand New Download Types

Search Query Performance reports now have four new templates that sellers can use. These reports are available to download from 01/09/2022. The reports prior to the date cannot be downloaded. These are four new view types as shown below.


Amazon provides sellers with Search Query Performance Dashboard that give them information on how customers are interacting with their products on Amazon. All sellers should be using this information to help quantify the customer's purchase journey and then optimise for it. These metrics can provide key insights on what product details may need improvements.

If you need more assistance with Brand Registry offerings, listing optimisation or product acceleration, Amazon Advertising, or an integrated strategic approach for Amazon sellers or vendors, contact B2C Consulting today.

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